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The Book of Hebrews
The Book of Hebrews (Part 7)

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This message is of the initial part of Chapter 6 of the Book of Hebrews, exhorting us never to depart from our faith in the Lord our God, especially those that have at least tasted the divine grace and gifts. Listen to find out more.

What is Bible Overview?

The Bible Overview section contains all the sermons relating to specific books in the Holy Bible, mainly preaching of God's true intension, His will and His heart in every book found in the Holy Bible beginning from the Book of Genesis. The sermons are recorded on every Tuesday night. For those who truly wants to seek the essence of the Word of God in each of the written Bible books and how even for today that the word of God holds true and never change from what was previously recorded in the past, you are most welcome to listen and watch in this section.

How to read the bible
How to read the Bible

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