All these I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on My altar; for My house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples. - Isaiah 56: 7 (Amplified Bible)

No church of Jesus Christ is complete without the gathering of saints in prayer. It is only through prayer that God will not only change circumstances, environment and turning dire situations to a fresh roads of hope; but prayer will also bring changes to people's heart, and lives will be transformed from individuals to families; from regions to nation. For nothing would be accomplished without the power of prayer.

This section contains a summary of the prayer items that our church prayed for in every week's prayer meeting. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and if you are touched by any of the below, please pray for us and with us as well.

30, Dec 2018

Deborah - Please pray that for the new year, let the Lord be the greatest and the highest in my life.
Please uphold Nicole, may the salvation of Christ Jesus be upon her, and may the Lord heal the son to be able to speak.
Hui Ling - Please continue to pray for my daughter, she might have to go through a 2nd surgery on the heart. May the Lord give us the best decision and guide her on this entire process.
Samuel - Please pray that the Lord will grant to us the wisdom in our studies. Please uphold the children to be attentive and responsive to the word of God.
Samantha - Please uphold the salvation of my grand parent.
Alan Chai - Please continue to uphold all brethren to totally rely on the Lord in all of their dealings. May we abide in the Lord in all of our footsteps.
Frankie - Please continue to uphold our family to have the strength and wisdom to face the multitudes of challenges in our hotel business and dealing with evil and wicked people.
Mei - Please pray that my aunt would meet up with Christ Jesus and have Him as her savior.
Please truly pray for both of my parent-in-law that they will have the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord break all of the spiritual bondage and set them free.
Jo - Please uphold Elise and Hannah. Both of them will be starting standard one. May the Lord guide them in this new step in life.
Please uphold Mei Si to have the strength and wisdom to be able to manage the institute.
Please uphold the churches today. The churches are very weak. Please pray for those that love the Lord revive their prayer and their faithfulness to the Lord.
Kim - Please pray for my friend Joshua, he has been disappointed with his church. May the spirit of the Lord personally comfort him. May the Lord cleanse His church and may the righteousness of the Lord revive in that church.
Please uphold my son, who is entering a new school. May the Lord bless him in his studies and his walk with the Lord.
Natalie - Please uphold me in prayer that I would be able to deliver the Gospel of Christ to my friends when we meet.
Please also pray that the Lord will guide my husband and set him on straight path to walk with Him.
Christine - Please pray for the Lord to guide the Sunday school in His direction for the year to come. Please pray that the children would truly be able to live inside out of the word of God instead of knowing it as a form of story.

Amelia - Please pray for my grand mother, who is now having some complications in her medical treatment. May she be able to have the salvation of Christ Jesus. 

23, Dec 2018

Philip - I have invited my sister to this Christmas service. Please pray that her heart would be opened to the word of God.
Natalie - Please pray for the salvation and the open of heart of my mother-in-law towards the Gospel.
Kim - Please uphold my mother who is weak in health, may she be able to come for once at least to listen to the Gospel.
Please also pray for my in-laws that there will be an opening of doors of Gospel.
Please pray for Alan Chai’s youngest brother’s salvation. May the Gospel of Christ reaches his heart.
Please pray for Mun Hoe’s salvation. This person is very negative towards many matters. May this person finds Christ in his life.
Please pray that the Lord will grant me the adequate wisdom in managing my time. Please pray that in all my dealings with my clients, the Lord will teach me how to speak relevantly.
Mei - Please pray that all co-workers would adopt a heart to bless especially when they are performing the works of God and those who are in the caroling team.
Please also uphold Miki’s spirit in prayer, do pray for her maturity of spirit.
Shanny - Please uphold my husband Kent. He has yet to see the Lord in his life. Please pray for a revival in his heart.
Please uphold my children’s health in prayer. May the Lord strengthen the lungs of my sons.
Please continue to pray for the salvation of my mother-in-law.
Alan Chua - Please pray that the Lord will do something in the hearts of those whom I have invited to the church tonight.
Please pray for Kuey Fa’s sons salvation. May the know of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Please also pray for Marcus Ong to receive the Gospel of Christ.
Do uphold Mei Yee to have the adequate wisdom in managing her time in study and friends.
Catherine - Please uphold my mother’s health in prayer. PleSe pray that the Gospel will sink into her heart.
Deborah - Please pray that the Lord will open the heart of my father towards the Gospel.
Please uphold those who are preaching and translating for the week in prayer. May the Lord strengthen them and grant them His word.
Please pray for the brother to be rooted in Christ.
Julie - Please pray for my brother Edwin’s salvation.
Amy - Please uphold Frankie in prayer, may the Lord hands intervene in the affairs of the hotel business and may His righteousness be with him and all the staff.
Mdm. Lan - Please pray for his healing upon my leg.
Jo - Please pray for Mei Si’s parents that they will attend the children’s thanks giving night.
4th Aunt - Please pray that the Lord will intervene in the healing of my daughter.
Bee Cheng - Please pray for Alex Tang, May he finds the Lord in the most difficult times of his life.
Penny - Please pray that the Lord will truly pull my father-in-law from the bondage of sin.

Simon - Please pray that the Lord will break my swearing due to n angered situation. May the Lord forgive me. 

16, Dec 2018

Mei - Please commit Auntie Laura in prayer, please pray for the strength and persistency in the reliance towards the Lord in all matters.
Please pray for Mdm. Chan’s healing.
Please remember the choir team in prayer. Many of them are ill. Please pray that the Lord will heal and revive their health.
Please pray for those who are invited to come for Christmas sermon.
Jimmy Chin - Please pray for the salvation of my mother. She had made a pack with the idols, may the Lord truly stop this paganism in my family.
Kim - Please pray for my in-laws, we truly hope that they could receive the word of God.
Please continue to uphold Bro. Alan in prayer, may the Lord grant him the adequate wisdom in his work.
Ah Lek - Please remember my family’s salvation.
Please pray for that the Lord will guide the career path of my wife and to preserve her health as well.
Chun Kiet - Please uphold my mother Mdm. Yong n prayer. She has high blood pressure today and was unable to come to worship. 
Mdm. Lan - Please pray for the salvation of my family. My husband needs the Lord to interfere in his life and heart. We had been having conflicts. May the Lord truly safe all of us.
Please uphold the healing of my leg in prayer.
Carmen - May the Lord strengthen me to truly deliver the word of the Lord to my mother.
Max - Please pray for the salvation of Melvin Yap and Vincent Ong.
Yoong Wei - Please uphold Isaac in prayer that the boss will allow him to attend church service on Sunday.
Miki - Please uphold the salvation of my sisters, my husband and my father in prayer.
Alan Chua - Please pray for the coming children’s night in prayer, may the they learn how to give thanks to the Lord.
Penny - Please pray that my family would be able to accept the invitation of the church.

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